About Us

The Company has a very rich history, in 1919 forefathers of the current Management established a socks manufacturing unit in Ludhiana (India). After the partition, the family moved to Layallpur currently known as Faisalabad and started their business from the scratch under the name of Gol Socks & J&CO Socks.

Gol Socks has always been ahead of its time with each new generation, Gol Socks has maintained its leading – edge status by developing innovation like elegant design, latest machinery, and the finest raw material.

This is to introduce that in order to maintain this leading edge we have installed our own mercerizing plant (imported from Italy) to give our customer finest or ultimate quality. Mercerization, the treatment of cotton with different chemicals under different procedures in order to.

  1. Increase ability to absurd dyes
  2. Improve stability of form
  3. Improve strength / elongation
  4. Improve smoothness
  5. Improve hand
  6. Give luster
  7. Remove hairiness from cotton and to develop other properties.

Appearance is improved through increased luster, a deepening of the color and the production of a transparent look, the feel of the fabric is improved through a resulting soft hand and improved smoothness and strength and elongation are also improved, along with the addition of good stretching ability.

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